Jehua Supai - Espiritus Sublimes


Pablo Amaringo

Jehua Supai - Espiritus Sublimes
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Jehua Supai - Espiritus Sublimes
Jehua Supai - Espiritus Sublimes

Here you see a sumiruna, a great maestro and man of esoteric knowledge who can transform his physical body into pure spirit. He is surrounded by a magnificent aguajal: a wet area where aguaje palms grow. An aguajal is a temple of nature, a beautiful sacred grove where the spirits like to gather.

He calls the yana puyurunas, spirit people of black clouds whose faces appear in the sky above him. They teach how to heal using the wind, the mist and the dew. They can heal illnesses arising from problems of love or separation and also legal problems.

Details of original painting:
Size: 57cm X 77cm / 22.4" X 30.3"
Gouache on Arches paper

Emmat21 ::
January 08, 2014